All This Love šŸ’ž

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Author: J’Lee

Ever since I met you you’ve become my everything.

I promise to love and cherish you each and every day.

You’ve had my back on some of my toughest days.

There’s not enough hours, seconds or minutes in a day.

To explain how much you really mean to me.

Your strength, your smile, your drive fascinates me.

On the days I don’t feel pretty…

You find new ways to show me that I’m beautifully unique.

The love that your giving is so intense.. it’s so deep.

I’m attracted to your mind, body and soul.

You confidently and truly have made me whole.

A perfectly imperfect reflection of me.

Consistently showing me all the things I wanna be.

Fearless, prideless, real and true.

The many reasons that I hold onto you.

You encourage me to take off the mask.

To show the whole world who I really am.

You taught me that I have more power than what I see.

You Uplift, Inspire and Motivate Me.

Because of you I can now reveal my true identity.

Because of all the things you’ve grown and shown to me.

I believe that victory is now mine… If I want it to be.

Everything changed….

The moment I became…. hopelessly devoted to me.

There is no greater love than self love. It lays the foundation for all other loving relationships in your life or that you will have in the future.

This poem is about self love and self discovery. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Don’t forget to like and follow to be notified whenever I post!

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