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New Year, New Goals, New Body, New Anthem, New Love

I welcome it all.


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Every year everyone’s screaming “new year, new me.” Making new year resolutions and not sticking to them. But in 2021 let’s start the trend of actually accomplishing our goals and sticking to our resolutions.

If you’re the type that struggles with staying on task. It’s okay, no need to beat yourself up. But you may need to find an accountability partner. If you can’t find one…. Let me know and I’d be happy to help keep you on track.

Whether your goals are for a new relationship, a promotion, improved fitness, starting a business or all of the above. Guess what… it’s all attainable.

I created a vision board to map out my 2021. If you don’t wanna make a vision board. That’s perfectly fine! You can just write out your goals in a journal or planner.

I always encourage people to write down the things they want and to say positive affirmations daily. This helps bring the things you want into fruition (Law of Attraction).

Manifest that shit! But don’t forget…. You have to put in as much effort possible to make these things happen.

Nothings gonna just fall in your lap. You have to Goal and Get it!


I’m going after everything I can get this year and in the years to come. The life you want doesn’t just happen by chance. Faith, focus, determination and hard work is how it’s gonna happen.

So, let’s start by mapping out our first 4 months of the year for starters. Once those are over we can either revise or add to our list of goals for the rest of 2021.

I typically map out the first 6 months of the year and then the last 6 months. But I figured it’s kinda easier to start with the first 4 months and go from there.

Life can definitely throw curve balls. Which is why we should be prepared for people or things that may hinder us from achieving our goals.

Having an alternate plan of action is essential. Sometimes finances are a factor. Revisions may be needed… But we can’t and won’t abort our mission.

The Future Is Us!

One of the things I’m hoping to master this year is the art of going with the flow. The other is having multiple streams of income. I don’t care what family, friends or naysayers think. I refuse to be stopped in 2021.

My advice to you guys is to not let anyone’s opinion or negativity stand in your way either. Sometimes we get in our own way and we have to stop doing this.

I sometimes stop myself mid sentence and say we aren’t doing this today Leesh. Practice positive self talk! Stop stunting your growth and delaying your blessings. You’ve Got This!

It’s my time and it’s your time too !!!

I believe that we can achieve anything we set our minds too and we are gonna prove it this year.

Now let’s cheers to the new year.

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We’re about to have a lot to celebrate.

The song I chose for my 2021 anthem is an oldie but goodie…. Rihanna Cheers. Let me know what your goals, resolutions and anthems are in the comments.

Happy New Year!!!!

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