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Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Hello Alicia,

I hope you remembered to smile through it all.. the good times and the bad. I know you made sure to bring love, positivity and encouragement where ever you went. Did you remember that no matter how much you achieved or how much money you made in your life. Doesn’t matter more than the impression and impact you made on the people that you met?

Your name and legacy will always be remembered and appreciated if you did. Did you keep your sense of humor? Did you remember to count your blessings big and small? Did you remember that no man comes before God?

You were born to win and got up no matter how many times you fell. Those test and lessons made you stronger, wiser and a fighter. So, when you reflect back on your life smile.. and have no regrets.. not even one. Because even when you’ve lost.. you still won!!

P.s. I hope Jayla hasn’t put you in a senior living facility lol. Because I know that’s always been one of your biggest fears. You always wanted to spend your last days in a room filled with family, love and laughter.

See, the thing about you is that life hasn’t always been kind to you. But it never made you stop being kind to others. You’ll always be remembered as the girl with the bright smile, contagious laugh and big heart.

100 years old.. and maybe a few more years to go.

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