What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

American Horror Story Coven. I absolutely loved that season. The acting and storyline was superb. Not to mention it had a Stevie Nicks feature and who doesn’t love Stevie Nicks 😊.

I’ve also watched Game of Thrones and Power more than 5 times. Movies that I’ve watched more than 5 times are The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy, Step Brothers, Titanic, Takers, Pretty Woman, Lion Heart, Man On Fire. The list goes on. I love movies and music!!!

If you haven’t seen any of these.. check them out! You won’t be disappointed 😌.

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      1. I’m sad it ended! Yes if you love them things you’ll definitely like vampire diaries and the originals. Let me know your favorite person once you watch!


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