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Daily writing prompt
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I hope I’m blessed to still be on this earth. Healthy, happy, and still helpful. I see myself living in my dream home. married, with a few more kids. Running successful businesses. Real estate is an interest of mine. So, I can see me buying properties and flipping them. Some of these businesses will be with my husband and some are going to be solo.

In 10 years’, time I know that I will have released more books… in different genres (children’s, self-help, fiction, nonfiction, love, and spirituality.) I also see a lot of travel in my future, just really exploring the world. Visiting historic sites/monuments. This travel involves the kids. I want them to be well educated and cultured. But I’ll make sure to add a lot of fun in these trips to lol.

I see myself being an even better mother and the best wife I can be. My husband and I will travel the world soaking up knowledge, beautiful scenery, eating amazing food, making beautiful memories and making beautiful love. Lastly, I see myself starting a nonprofit. I’m still sorting out the details of that. As you can tell I’m extremely ambitious. I got that from my dad ❤.

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