On June 22, 2006 at the age of 20, I became a mom. I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl that I named Jayla Jaliyah. Lord knows it hasn’t been easy at all. Especially being a single mom. But what I can say is that being a mom at an early age made me grow up faster.

But being the mom of a 14 year old daughter is aging me even faster lol. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Kids will definitely test your patience. Whether they’re making you angry, scaring you half to death. Or make you laugh uncontrollable. Being a mother is the ultimate blessing and lesson.


Our kids help us to gain more patience and understanding. They teach us the true meaning of unconditional love. Parenting in my opinion is a game of trial and error. There is no one way that fits all parenting. You have to find ways to fit your kids individual needs and that can be a little tricky.

But don’t worry that’s why you have me here to help. I’m your new best friend and your personal guide on the mommy rollercoaster lol.

First things first. You’re gonna need a notebook, a glass of wine or whatever your drink of choice is. I’ll have one of these lol Now let’s begin.

Five Tips for

Surviving Motherhood


Being a parent can be so exhausting and time consuming. It’s so easy to lose your keys, wallet and mind all in a day’s time lol. That’s why we as moms have to find time within our day for ourselves. I don’t care if it’s just ten minutes or an hour.

Use that time to meditate if possible. Read a couple chapters of a book. Get out and grab coffee with friends. If all else fails just find a quiet place and enjoy every minute of it!


It doesn’t matter if your child is an infant, teenager or young adult. Sometimes we just don’t have all the answers. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Call your mom, grandmother or bestfriend. If that doesn’t help there are some great YouTube channels, books and blogs (like this one) on motherhood.

So start surfing the web, check out amazon or hit up your local Barnes and Noble.


I’m currently single so right now the only person that requires my constant attention is Jayla. But I’m sure that some of you ladies have several kids and a boyfriend or husband. That means more is required of you daily. Which is why prioritizing is so important.

You don’t want anyone to feel left out, neglected or forgotten. In order for your family to be good and provided for properly. You have to be good and at your best. Which means you’re rested physically and mentally stable. If not you’ll be putting the laundry in the oven and the groceries in the dryer lol.

Good time management and a schedule can help out with this. Oh and a little teamwork goes a long way. Will there be times that things get out-of-whack? Absolutely! But don’t fret we’ve got this. We’re not just moms we are lovers, teammates, coaches, nurses, cheerleaders and miracle workers.



How many times have you heard communication is key. Well trust and believe what you’ve heard because it’s true. If you’re married or in a relationship, be open and honest. If the kids are stressing you out or you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. Express that to your mate ASAP.

If your child/children are old enough to understand that mommy needs a little quiet time. Express that in a gentle and loving way. Some kids understand more than you think they do.

If at any moment you feel like you may harm yourself or your kids. GET HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!

Notify your partner, family members, pastor, therapist or anyone that can help you through those emotions. Don’t forget I’m also here to help.


Always keep in mind that we are all different. No one parents their kids the same. As I stated previously, motherhood is a game of trial and error. What works for some doesn’t work for others. Learn your children so you can effectively tend to their needs.

This will make motherhood that much easier. Acknowledge your strengths as a mom and pat yourself on the back. You should also work on developing the areas that you struggle with. Having weak areas does not make you less than any other mom.

You striving to improve in those areas is what matters. Continue to show up for your kids and family. But remember if you need to clock out early today. Do so without any shame.

If no one else tells you this remember that I did. YOU ROCK….YOU’RE AN AMAZING MOM.



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