Self Love


Become The Best Version Of You…..Unapologetically!!!

Self love is a key component to becoming the best version of yourself. It starts with learning to have compassion for yourself and learning how to empathize with yourself during hard times.

Growing Pains

Yes, you will fail at things. Yes, things will fall apart at times. But you can’t allow that to cause you to crumble as a result of it. The things that are happening are growing pains. We all go through them. But those pains in return help you grow as individuals.

Stop Comparing

Some people struggle with self love because they are constantly comparing themselves to others. Which is never a good idea. We all have our own talents, personalities, ambitions and goals.

Never feel like a failure because someone around you is achieving things that you aren’t or haven’t yet. Focus on what you’re good at and use that to create a lane for youself. Let your gifts and talent catapult you where you wanna be. Your goals are very attainable. Just work on being fearless and perfecting your craft. Your drive, love for self and confidence assures that you are more than capable.

Yes, you are worthy and deserving of good things too.

God doesn’t bless everyone at the same time. But he does bless everyone in divine timing.


Being mindful of how we talk to ourselves, treat ourselves and treat our bodies is equally important. Affirmations are a great tool for mindfulness and self love. Look in the mirror daily and speak positivity into your life. Tell yourself how amazing you are. How successful you are and how worthy you are. Whenever negative thoughts arise shake them off. Be patient with yourself! It takes time to reprogram your mind after years of negative thoughts patterns and behavior.

This was something that I really struggled with and that I am still working on. Trust me you are not alone and it gets better. Practice mindfulness daily. Especially when negative thoughts creep in.

You’ve Got This!!!!


Journaling is a great way to express yourself and your thoughts. Try writing down what you are feeling. Express the things you love about yourself to yourself. Talk about the things that you don’t like. Then I suggest you work on accepting and or fixing them.

Shadow Work

Embrace your shadow side. The more you accept this part of you. The happier you will be in the long run. Remember that no one’s perfect and you shouldn’t try to be. But what you should try to do is show up for yourself everyday and always strive to be a better version of yourself.

You Are So Worthy !!!

Continue to be the best imperfect version of yourself. You have so much power. What will you do with it? You can either build yourself up or tear yourself down. Dont allow your past to dictate your present and future. You have grown, you are growing and you are not done.

This is the beginning of greatness.

Look at yourself in the mirror daily and tell yourself:





Try incorporating these things into your daily routine and tell me if it helps. Below is a song by an amazing artist by the name of Lysa. I listen to this song everyday. It is beautiful and uplifting. I hope that it gives you the same empowered feeling that it gives me.

Love yourself and live your life unapologetically!!!!

Self love is a key that unlocks many doors.

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