What Are We Teaching Our Daughters?

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Being the mother of a 14 year old is by far a blessing and scary. In three years she will be leaving home and as her mom it’s my job to prepare her for the world. I think more than anything I fear failing her.

My question to those of you with daughters is what are you teaching them about being an adult? What are you teaching them about being a woman? Are you setting the right example for and as the type of woman she should strive to be?

Let’s not start when they are teenagers. We should be building up and being a good example for our girls from birth. Not only do we have to teach our children to be responsible. We also have to build their self esteem, confidence and assist them with making wise choices.

Things We Should Be Teaching Our Daughters

* Self Love * Self Esteem *Self Respect

*Confidence *Individuality

*Independence *Leadership

*Morals *Values *Resilience

*Body Positivity *Strength *Femininity

The Harsh Truth

Those things should be taught by both parents. But in reality sadly there are a lot more single moms these days. Which puts an even bigger task on moms. Especially when you have multiple children. But let’s not let that discourage us… We’ve got this! I’m a single mom and I’ve been doing one hell of a job inspiring and building up my daughter by myself. It hasn’t been easy…. but I’m determined.

One thing I’ve learned is to be very mindful of what I say and do in front of my daughter. You can’t talk the talk if you aren’t walking the walk. That’s the biggest mistake you can make in any area of life… especially being a parent.

How can you tell your daughter/s to respect themselves and their bodies. If they aren’t seeing you respect yours. Can we really teach our daughter/s morals and values if we don’t have any? Or if we’re displaying them inconsistently.

Do’s and Don’t

We have to stop showing our daughters that it’s okay to settle and not love ourselves by staying in relationships that are toxic and don’t serve us. What we don’t realize is that we are teaching them to either never want to be like us. Or that that kind of behavior is acceptable and it isn’t.

Don’t put them down when it comes to their weight. Encourage them to be health conscious without tearing them down.

Stop allowing them to dress way too grown for their age. This makes them a target for petiphiles and the last thing you want is your daughter’s face on a missing person’s poster.

Don’t compare your daughters to other girls. Your daughter is special and unique in her own way. She doesn’t need to be like anyone else. Encourage your daughters to accept themselves flaws and all.

They don’t need to fit into the mold of what’s socially acceptable. Nor do they need to fit society’s body and beauty standards. Teach them that they are perfectly imperfect the way they are. Treat them the importance of self love and self acceptance.

Message To Girl Dads

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Your role in your daughter/s life is equally important if not more important. You are the first example that your daughter will have of love and how she should be treated. It is your job to help build her self esteem and show her that she is a prize and an asset to anyone and any situation she’s involved in.

Your lack of support, love, encouragement, influence and presence can have detrimental effects on your daughter. Show her what love and respect is. So that she demands it from the people in her life now and in the future. Little girls who don’t get this from you growing up. Become women that allow men and others to misuse and mistreat her. Don’t let that be your daughter!

We Are Raising Queens

Our daughter’s are the future and the future is definitely FEMALE. Speak positivity and respect into them daily. Show them how to wear their crown proudly and not to take it off for anyone. I decided to end this post with a beautiful song by Christina Aguilera. Perfect for everyone at any age. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow.

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