Soul Tie Tales Pt.2

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Runaway Love Author: J’Lee

He entered my life but I refused to let him into my heart.

Too hurt, too broken from the men before.

But there was something in his eyes from the moment we met.

They were enchanting… he was enticing and I wanted him so bad.

But I wasn’t quite ready to let love in.

So much back and forth…. then out and in.

One minute I wanted love and then I hated it.

I just wanted these emotions to come to an end.

But before I knew it… he was my lover and my friend.

I was honestly smitten from the very start.

He fought long and hard to knock down my walls.

Flowers, quality time, food and love.

I remember all those nights sitting in his car.

Tasting his lips and gazing at the moon.

There was rarely a time I wasn’t in the mood…

For his kisses and hugs…. Yes, I craved his touch.

But what felt even better was the way his love lifted me up.

There was nothing that this man wasn’t willing to do.

He moved me… he wooed me… he showered me with love.

The ice began to slowly melt away from this cold heart of mine.

For a little while everything seemed just fine.

I remember our time spent on the pier last spring.

It feels like it was just yesterday.

The way the cool breeze felt blowing on my skin.

Wrapped in his arms with the biggest grin on my face.

Sunrays, hand holding, taking pictures… I was lost in his gaze.

I swear in his arms was my favorite place.

If you only knew how much I prayed for those kinda days.

Listen, I was sprung off the things he’d do.

Our time spent together felt like deja vu.

I gave him so much hell but he still came through.

I wasn’t looking to fall… but baby I fell.

Tried my very best to hide it well.

Make up to break up to do it again.

Fussing and fighting, fucking and flying.

On cloud nine from the things we’d do.

Our sex life reminded me of a slip and slide.

He left puddles in between my chocolate thighs.

He said he couldn’t get enough and he loved the way I felt…

Our love making is something I will never forget.

But I fucked up and sabotaged what we had.

Then cried buckets of tears when reality set in.

The worst part about it is he didn’t know how I really felt.

That was definitely one of my biggest regrets.

It was a little too late… our toxic love story came to an end.

By the time I tried to fix it… he already had a new girlfriend.

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