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Daily writing prompt
List the people you admire and look to for advice…

#1. My dad is my go-to for life, career, and inspiration. He gives the best advice. He’s very assertive and honest.

#2. My friend Carol is my go-to for life and love advice. She’s a lot like my dad. She’s supportive, nonjudgmental and listens for understanding. Something many people struggle with. I love her dearly.

#3. My big sister. She’s a very loving, outgoing, grounded, and responsible person. Definitely someone I admire. I appreciate the fact that when I go to her for advice or just a listening ear. She doesn’t push her thoughts or opinions on me. She isn’t judgmental and doesn’t side with me if I’m wrong. She’s such a neutral open-minded person and I love that about her.

#4. My parents are the best example of a happily married couple. I admire the love they share. 43 years and five kids and their love is still strong. Just hearing my dad say if he had to do it over again. He would still choose her. That’s so beautiful to me. The love, respect, and patience they have for one another other a lot to admire.

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