The Evolution of Me

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Author: J’Lee

Here I am a complete mystery.

Complicated yet full of so much symplicity.

A courageous, outgoing woman with so much dignity.

Versatility to transform into whomever I wanna be.

Willing to do any and everything as long as it’s what’s best for me.

Walking away from anything that no longer serves me.

Happy, Holy, Mopey, Growing, Caring, Hopeful.

The many emotions I experience throughout my day.

Passion, Power, Pain and Desire.

The things that keep me going everyday.

They say April showers bring May flowers.

I appreciate the rain.

Because without life’s different seasons.

There wouldn’t have been any reason for me to grow into the woman that I am today.

Transparency and vulnerability allowed me to open up my heart space.

The strength, the struggle, the laughter, the pain.

Victory is mine and resilient is my first name.

The very moment I stepped into my power.

Is when the game changed.

I aim to uplift humanity, through wisdom and spirituality.

I’m changing the narrative.. I’m no longer the victim or the villian.

I’m just simply a woman whose living.

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