Fearless Lee

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Author: J’Lee

Get out, Get out !!!

You cannot stay here.

You absolutely refuse to handle me with care.

You’ve clouded my judgment and stalled my progress.

You’ve played on my anxiety and caused so much stress.

I’ve had enough of you preventing me from doing my best.

Around every corner you’ve posed a threat.

Since living with you I haven’t gotten any rest.

I can’t even open my heart to anyone else.

Afraid that he’ll be just like you and the rest.

You’ve had such a tight hold on me.

Left me with so much anxiety.

But today is the day that I leave your ass for good.

I have dreams to chase.

You know those things you never understood.

I have love in my heart and goals on the brain.

I’m walking away from you and all this pain.

The time has come for me to boss up and take a leap of faith.

I’m leaving my fears and chasing my dreams.

Welcoming my future and the things that may be.

I am not my tears….I am not my pain.

I welcome sunshine….. I’m tired of rain.

No looking back It’s only up from here.

If you were curious ….this poem is not about my ex.

It’s about my fears.


This is a repost… spirit told me to reshare this… For those of you haven’t read it I hope you enjoy this and I hope it helps you.

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