Dear Diary,

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Today I took a mental health day. I truly dislike days like this!!! But I understand that the sun isn’t going to shine everyday. I know that it’s perfectly okay if I need a moment to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Not long ago I told my therapist how much I hate my depressed days. I explained how they made me feel weak, powerless and broken.

I couldn’t understand how such an intelligent, creative and loving person could battle with something like depression and anxiety disorder. Not to mention I’m an empath.

Some days mentally I’m screaming… WHY ME!!! When I’m strong…. I’M STRONG and when I’m weak… I’M WEAK.

Today is a day I’m feeling a little weak. I decided that I’m gonna have my moment. Rest my mind and body and try this thing called life again tomorrow.

I refuse to let my depression run my life. I have a bright future ahead of me. My depression will not stop me nor will it define me. I’m just praying for peace and mental clarity. I know better days are coming.

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