When Sex Becomes Your Super Power

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While listening to Jazmine Sullivan’s new EP Heaux Tales. I came across the video above. I can relate to it and I’m sure a lot of woman can relate as well. I’ve definitely used my beauty, femininity and sexuality to my advantage at times. Some people might say Leesh you’re beautiful… I would’ve never thought you feel/felt this way. But looks can be very deceiving.


I think the main thing women should realize is that you aren’t everybody and everybody ain’t you. When comparing yourself to women on Instagram you will always feel like you fall short. But let’s be honest for a second… we all know that most of those women bought those body’s. While some worked hard for it in the gym and you can do the same. But I’d suggest you start by fixing the issues within.

Wouldn’t we all would like to have what we view as the perfect body? But I don’t think we look at the down side of having the perfect body… the instagram famous body. Looking like that may get you some oppurtunities and even more attention. But it can also come with attracting men who only want you for superficial reasons. Is that what you really want? Is attention and meaningless connections all you’re worth?

The Reality Of It All

Dating or being in a relationship these days is extremely hard for us ladies. Especially when men are lusting over every Sally, Sue and Jane. Instant gratification is at an all time high. The only time you can get some of these men to act right is when it’s time to have sex. Hence, Why I think most woman view/use their pussy as a tool, weapon, trophy or super power.

There’s Power In Pussy

I have some stories I could share with you guys. But let’s save it for my book lol. But I will say this… being able to see men crumble whenever I did the things I did/do… Makes me feel powerful. It’s that feeling of control that does it for me. I love it! Just seeing a man experiencing pure ecstacy and being sexually submissive makes me cum.

Don’t judge me too much guys lol. This is me, my truth and vulnerablity.

Pussy is Powerful!!!

Pussy can make the doggest of men stumble, trip, slip up and fall in love with it. Years ago I would refer to my pussy as kryptonite. Too much kyrptonite is known to make Superman weak. Any man that thought he was superman definitely fell victim to what’s between my legs. I learned early on that men will say and do anything to get inbetween these legs. Yes, It makes you feel good! Knowing you’re wanted… Being desired.

But when you have so much more to offer than sex it eventually makes you feel dumb, used and like a sell out. Mainly, because you aren’t valuing yourself or setting the tone for a man to see, value, love and appreciate you entirely. Every woman can say she has a diamond, lake or gold mine between her thighs. But the real jewel…. The real power is in A WOMANS MIND…. and how she uses it to win everytime.

Validation Over Self Worth

I believe the idea of “sex is where I find my worth” comes from women that need and want validation. Sadly, many women measure their worth by the men that find them worthy or desireable… which is absurd! You seeing and knowing your worth matters more than anyone else seeing it!

I can make him come back“…. I’m sure you can. But can you make him stay? Can you make him want to make a wife outta you? Listen ladies you can never win selling yourself short. Sharing the most intimate parts of yourself with someone that isn’t worthy of you or that doesn’t see any real value in you. Will only result in you cheating yourself out of what you truly deserve. It’s 2021 we are no longer doing that!

I think the sexiest thing a man could ever do to me is compliment my mind over my body…. and invest in me. I’d rather be valued and wanted for a lifetime versus only at night time.

The best advice I can give to women is the advice Tony Gaskins gives to his subcribers and clients… which is toStay off your backand stop singing on the mic of every man you meet.” If you want to be taken seriously!!

A real man with a real interest in you will always value your mind, body and heart. Great sex will be just an added bonus. There will always be women with good, wet, tight and gushy pussy. But chances are if they’re not using their brain…. their pussy is the only thing that’s gonna get used.

This post was not to bash women like the one in the video. This is intented to inspire you to love, value and respect yourself until the right man comes along. The right man will want you for all the right reasons.

Her superpower is her pussy. My superpower is my mind... I’m a mood and a vibe.

The song below is by the artist Ella Mai. For those of you that are struggling with self love, self esteem or finding a decent man. Listen to this song below. If he or she isn’t willing to love you naked without you actually being naked first…. STAY SINGLE. You’ll find the one in divine timing. Work on yourself in the mean time.

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