Knowing Your Worth

Knowing Your Worth He didn't choose me... and I didn't chase him. Photo by nappy on Nothing hurts more than feeling rejected or led on. I remember the goofy shit I would do when I was younger. Like blow someone's phone up. Send a bunch of text messages or stalk their myspace page. Hell I would [...]

Common Mistakes Women Make While Dating I've been single for a year and a half and hunny the mistakes I've made and seen other women make inspired this post. It's time to get real and honest. If you want to cut out on wasted time and disappointments then listen up. I think it's pretty common for women to be [...]

When Sex Becomes Your Super Power

When Sex Becomes Your Super Power While listening to Jazmine Sullivan's new EP Heaux Tales. I came across the video above. I can relate to it and I'm sure a lot of woman can relate as well. I've definitely used my beauty, femininity and sexuality to my advantage at times. Some people might say Leesh you're beautiful... I would've never [...]