The Wise Mind

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This particular blog post was inspired by a session I had with my therapist. During this session she discussed DBT with me and made me aware that I was successfully using my wise mind. So, I decided to share this information with you guys.

DBT ( Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is a tool used to show people how to use their emotions and intellect to make better decisions. It teaches us to use better judgment and it brings balance into the overall decision making process.

States of Mind

The three states of mind are the emotion, reasonable and the wise mind. I would like to help you master using your wise mind more regularly. Being able to do so will bring more balance and peace into your life.

I’m an empath and if you know anything about empaths you know that we pick up on the emotional, mental and physical state of others. I also suffer from depression and anxiety on top of being intuitive and a highly sensitive person.

So, trust me I definitely know the struggle of trying to be reasonable while in an emotion state of mind. But with mindfulness, practice and awareness. You can learn and use your wise mind more.

Emotion Mind

When using your emotion mind you can have all the facts but distort them by assuming or amplifying the situation. Which can lead you to making desicions based off of these distortions instead of facts. How many times have you gotten in your feelings and took something way too personal that wasn’t intended that way? This occurs because your operating in this part of the mind only.

Reasonable Mind

Sometimes we choose to percieve situations negatively due to hurt or anger. When we do this we are not using our rational, reasonable or wise mind. But when your operating from your reasonable mind it allows you to see things rationally, and intellectually.

Decisions are then made off research and facts. You become more observant and less emotionally reactive. This allows you to see things from a more logical point of view. Which in return allows you to navigate more productively and effectively in situations and relationships.

The Wise Mind

The wise mind is a complete balance of the emotion and reasonable mind. It involves using your intution and being mindful. Pay attention to those gut feelings and the little voice in your head. Your intution will guide you to what’s best for you in the moment. Sometimes this requires you to do things that you may not want to do… but are necessary. Using your wise mind will help manage your behavior and reactions to people and difficult situations. Which can result in less emotional outburst and less stress.

Ways To Get To The Wise Mind

Observe and pay close attention to your thoughts and feelings. DO NOT IGNORE THEM no matter how painful they may feel at times.

Describe without judgement or interpretations of yourself and others. You do this by focusing on the facts of what’s in front of you. Try your best not to judgmental by not viewing things as good or bad. Focus more on non emotional facts!

Participate by staying in the here and now. Don’t worry about yesterday or tomorrow. Focus on today and what you’re feeling right now.

Be effective by not allowing your emotions to run you.

Learning to do this won’t be easy or happen overnight. But once you learn to combine your emotion and reasonable mind. You can then effectively use your wise mind. Your decision making, behavior and views will naturally begin to shift over time. Practice makes perfect!!!

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