It’s Never A Good Idea To Go From Friends To Lovers

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I’m sure we’ve all either heard or learned from previous experience that going from friends to lovers is not always wise. I wouldn’t suggest it just based off the couple times that I did it. Enter at your own risk. It could grow into something beautiful and loving or a beautiful nightmare. It really depends on the love, maturity, and bond the two of you have. But did I mention I don’t think it’s a good idea lol

I’ll share one of my stories with you to further convince you. To protect his identity we’re gonna call him Elijah. Elijah and I were friends for about four years. We were always attracted to each other. I loved and enjoyed our friendship. But I preferred to keep things the way they were. Hell, all we could have was a friendship anyway… because we both were in relationships.

Ironically it just so happened that both of us were experiencing turmoil in our relationships at the same time. Then BOOM….. we were both single. With us being newly single we started to get even closer. You know how it is after a breakup. You need to vent, emotional support, a good laugh. Hell you need a drink or two or three lol.

I’m gonna be honest during these times we flirted, but I still wasn’t interested in starting anything with Elijah. Who would I call when I need to talk shit about my mate or just to vent? Good friends are hard to find and if things don’t workout you’ve potentially lost a really good friend.

One day I hung out with Elijah the entire day. But something felt different that particular day… I felt different. So, I started playing around with the idea of taking things further with him. The next day I thought about him all day long.

Interesting enough we decided to hang out that day. That was the day that everything changed. We went from playing pool and drinking. To gazing into each other’s eyes and kissing. That eventually left me with my dress up and my friendship and ass both in the air.

When it was all said and done I kept asking myself why was it so good? Why did he eat it so good? Our chemistry was so strong. I knew that I could detach from my emotions. But I wasn’t sure if he could. Elijah said that he was in control and could handle it. So I went along with it.

But I didn’t believe it and I was right! I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to be able to have the same friendship with him that we once had. Which sucks!!! I couldn’t bring up other men that liked me or that I had an interest in… without it being super awkward.

I found myself hiding who I was seeing just to avoid hurting his feelings. But I’m not a secretive person. So doing this was killing me. Mind you I was still messing around with Elijah. It was good, fun and my vibration was always high around him. But I knew I would have to cut it off. I met someone….. and I wanted to be in a relationship with that person. I dreaded breaking the news.

Everything is all fun and games until your best friend falls in love with you and you don’t feel the same way. Granted I loved him… I just didn’t see a future with him. We started talking to each other less and less. It truly broke my heart to see our friendship fade away. My intuition told me not to do it in the first place. But I got caught up in lusty energy and temptation.

Things between me and Elijah became rocky and at times communication was nonexistent between us. This really hurt…. I can’t even lie. This was what I didn’t want to happen. I’m happy to say that we are now slowly rebuilding our friendship. I don’t know how successful we will be but I’m hopeful and open to it.

Breaking up with a mate is one thing but breaking up with a best friend is another. So, if you ever find yourself trying to figure out if you should keep it strictly friends, friends with benefits or a full blown relationship… Proceed with caution!  Weigh the pros and cons of the situation and move accordingly.

If you’ve ever taken that leap from friends to lovers. Hop down in the comments and tell me about your situation and if you’d advise doing it. Below is a song related to this topic. Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow, like and comment.

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