Blessings and Lessons of 2021

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Top Five Lessons of 2021

  1. Believe patterns/actions… not words.
  2. You’ll never get anywhere living in fear.
  3. Control your thoughts or they will control you.
  4. Everything you need lies within you.
  5. Time waits for no man.

Honestly, this year had many ups and downs. But overall, I’m happy with where I am, who I’m becoming and where I’m going. I’ve had to fight for what I want while also choosing to walk away from who/what no longer serves me. Setting boundaries and learning to say no is necessary. Choosing yourself and your peace is mandatory!!

Top Five Blessings of 2021

  1. I wrote my first book. Stay tuned release date tba.
  2. Started a new job.
  3. Put myself and my dreams first.
  4. Trully found my inner strength.
  5. Met some amazing people.

I’ve decided to put love in the background and focus more on self-love, goals and anything that brings me joy and emotional fulfillment in 2022. I’m now ready to make new memories, meet new people and watch my dreams come into fruition. I’m super proud of the progress I’ve made this year. I know that the completely healed version of myself is going to be unstoppable.

Five Goals for 2022

  1. Not settling for anything in every area of my life.
  2. Doing more things that feed my soul.
  3. Public speaking. Btw: This is a big fear or mine.
  4. Becoming a best-selling author.
  5. Creating multiple streams of income.

It’s time to hit the ground running guys. Time is of the essence. We should never wait on a new year to accomplish our goals. But the beauty in another year is opportunity. We’re given another chance to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

I encourage you all in 2022 to give more than you receive. Every month do something new, nice or overcome a fear of yours. Taking these small steps can/will build you up to take major leaps.

Believe in yourself and your dreams starting today.

Happy New Year!!!!

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