Destiny Unfulfilled

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Hey guys this is a short poem that’s been in my archive since the beginning of the year. So, I decided to upload it. I’m sure many of you can/will relate. I hope you enjoy it. Cycles are ending and we’re welcoming the new.

New year… New youpossibly new boo 😊.

A Missed Opportunity.

Author: J’Lee

Baby you failed the test.

A test that leads to your destiny.

We could’ve had it all without uncertainties.

But you bypassed all the signs.

Refused to calm your mind.

You instead decided to feed yourself lies.

You’d prefer superficial.. over what’s real and true.

Now I’m feeling like I could never ever trust or fuck with you.

Chose to conceal…. how you really feel.

Fake to the world, fake to your girl.

Lost little boy in a big cold world.

You have all that you need, but still aren’t complete.

Decided to flee instead of embracing your destiny.

I wish you the best.

I was different from the rest.

I passed all the tests and it led me to me.

I’m now free…mentally, physically and emotionally.

 No more you and me.

Doesn’t matter what you do.

In this game of love…. you either win or you lose.

 I’ll forever be a loss to you.

Save all your words… Keep all your girls. 

Baby we’re through.

I’m searching for a deeper… realier love that’s pure and true.

My life is evolving and my maturity and growth can run circles around you.

The time has come and I’m now releasing you!

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