Twin Flames: Like A Moth To A Flame

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Like A Moth To A Flame

Author: J’lee

Our love feels like a dream… the ones that unexpectedly come true.

On cloud nine and it’s all because of you.

I value how time seems to stop when I’m with you.

Twin my flame burns hotter and higher with you.

Extreme fire and desiring you more and more.

We’ve always managed to navigate through our ebbs and flows.

Like the waves of the sea…. you always drench me.

Like music to my ears your heart sings to me.

Lately lying in your arms has been my favorite place.

The way you stare into my eyes and caress my face.

Our eyes speak to each other… there’s no need for words.

Our heart knows all that it needs to know.

The bond we share still remains intact.

No matter how far or how much time has passed.

You run away from home but find your way back.

Rough and rugged. Mysterious yet, intriguing.

You give the phrase gentle giant a real special meaning.

Let me count the many ways that I can describe you.

Thinking of all the different ways that I can say I love you.

You’re sweet as honey, tall and loving.

Masculine, chocolate and extremely funny.

Baby you’re so loving with bomb ass loving.

I wanna be your strength whenever you’re weak.

I speak to your higher self telepathically.

The smile on my face whenever you say you can’t picture yourself with anyone but me.

This love brings out the best version of you and me.

I send waves of positive energy whenever you’re in need.

I speak with my mind and lead with my heart.

I knew you were a handful from the start.

But I didn’t let that scare me away.

I’m the beauty to your beast. The reason for your peace.

Regardless of our differences I find you truly unique.

I’m fearlessly in love with you.

We’re like magnets on sight… day and night.

You could compare me to the fireflies in the night.

How could you ever resist me once you saw my light?

I’m you’re sunshine on a cloudy day.

The way you hold me, slowly kiss my lips, and grab my waist.

I could sit on your lap and just stare at you all day.

Hopelessly devoted and dangerously attracted.

Never thought I’d meet someone that’s the entire package.

You’re perfectly imperfect. God crafted you for me.

There’s no limit to the things that me and you can be.

Our story is still being written… now it’s up to you and me.

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