Soul Tie Tales

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Author: J’Lee

He feels like a tidal wave of pleasure and pain.

Our ups and downs leave me in shambles and chains.

Tied by our souls… we’re whole when we’re together.

I hate him… then I love him…. yet I cannot forget him.

He kissed my lips and touched my soul.

His absence makes me crave him more.

The Romeo to my Juliet.

I’m the Michele to his Obama.

He has the spirit of a warrior and the brain of a scholar.

Yes, he’s handsome, suave, debonair and unique.

Everytime he steps into the room my heart skips a beat.

A past life connection that was brought back this lifetime.

Hopefully we can get it right in this lifetime.

He sees strength, love and true beauty within me.

To him I’m the Mona Lisa…. to me he’s the sea.

I drown in his love everytime he’s with me.

He made love to my mind and then to my body.

Filled me with love, hope and tremendous knowledge.

I was like a moth to a flame when our bodies intertwined.

It was remembrance of rain in the summer time.

His love making set my soul a blaze.

So unreal.. so intense.. it left me in a daze.

His thrusts, his love… so much pleasure and pain.

His existence in my life started to erase past pain.

He got me to open up my heart and show vulnerability.

Now in his arms is the only place I wanna be.

We can’t get it right for getting it wrong.

But when two souls yearn for each other…

They always find their way home.

He knows that I’m Cleopatra and he’s Mark Antony of Rome.

But unlike Cleopatra I’ll be the reason his empire grows.

If he bets on me he could never go wrong.

Here with me is his peace…. I’m his sanctuary…. I’m home.

Our love reminds me of a hot air balloon.

It takes you up so high to a beautiful view.

No matter how much obstacles, challenges or strife.

I know that he’s the man that I want in my life.

The heart always knows what it wants and needs.

We’ll get it together eventually… believe you me.

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