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Could The Reason You’re Still Single Be Because You’re To Masculine?

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Since we were little girls we were taught to cross our legs, use proper ediquette, wear dresses and to be lady like. Many of us imitated what we saw our moms and grandmothers do. I was that little girl that had to wear dresses… when I’d rather wear pants. I was a bit of a tomboy yet still a girly girly. I went from a shy little girl to an outspoken young lady and woman.

I feel like I’ve always struggled with balancing my feminine and masculine energy. I’ll honestly admit that me being too much in my masculine energy is why some of my past relationships didn’t work out. I believe this is why a lot of womens relationships either don’t last or go through extreme highs and lows.

Some women can’t find men because they are too busy acting like “a man.” Don’t chew my head off ladies lol I’ve been guilty of this too. But if your wanting to find a high value man your gonna have to tap into your feminine energy more.

Being in feminine energy puts you in a space where you are vulnerable and more receptive. Which can feel really scarey for women. Honestly, it makes me feel powerless at times. But I’ve realized that I can still be powerful and strong while being feminine.


A womans influence is where her power truly lies. Ladies if a man is worthy, reliable and receptive allow him to do the work. Then sit back and watch things come together... through your influence. That’s real power! A high quality man makes it possible for you to follow his lead.

Some women need to learn not to fight or compete with their man in areas that are meant for him to excel. The smarter route to take would be to use your feminity and influence to get the outcome that you desire.

Do You Emasculate Him?

Stop talking down to your man. You can’t treat him like he’s one of the kids. It will change how he views you and how he treats you. I learned this the hard way. Like the old saying goes you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Clear communication and respect are key components in any healthy relationship. I’m sure we’ve all heard to “be his peace. ” At times I’ve said, “he better be my peace and we won’t have to go to war.”

Because we’ve also heard the saying “happy wife… happy life.” But ultimately the goal would be to be each others peace. To work as a team and not as opponents.


Learning to balance your feminine and masculine energies are equally important for both men and women. I’d consider myself an alpha female and that alone can be intimidating to men. But the funny thing is….. I’d prefer an alpha male.

I’ve noticed that when in the company of one. I naturally fall into my feminine energy. Alpha men appreciate, enjoy and are drawn to feminine women. But at the same time some alpha males can be intimidated by an alpha woman.


A secure alpha male embraces all that she is and what she brings to the table. Your strengths will never intimidated the person that’s right for you. Yet and still being willing to let a man take the lead is attractive to men.

Some suggestions would be for you to show your softer side more often. Be confident, listen more.. talk less and be supportive. The main thing I hear men say is that they deal with so much within a day and on a regular. That the last thing they wanna do is go home and be at war with their mate.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…. I know that we do as well. Just in a different way. But the stress and the strain is sometimes the exact same. That’s why it’s so important to learn your mate. Exhibit more love, compassion, empathy and understanding for one another. Let each other know that no matter what’s going on… I am not your enemy. I’ve got your back!!!


Definitely a debatable subject. Women these days don’t like to be submissive. Honestly, I have no problem being submissive…. to the right man. But trust and security has to be established for me to feel comfortable submitting.

Everyone isn’t equipped to lead! Women have been let down so many times by men. That we’ve learned to trust our own judgment and move on our own accord. We’d rather control relationships and our interactions as much as we can. Just to avoid dissappointment and heartbreak.

Which is undestandable… women would rather be in their bag then in their feelings. But if you want to appear more appealing, charasmatic and more wifeable you’re gonna have to turn on that feminine energy.

Embrace Your Femininity

Start by wearing more dresses and heels. Spend more time in nature, smile and laugh more. Try being more receptive, playful, creative and teachable. Let’s see if it makes a difference in your love life. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow me…. if you haven’t already xoxo.

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