Twin Flames

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Twin Flames

By: Author J’lee

My friends think I’m crazy because I can’t let you go.

But what they don’t realize is you’re the other half of my soul.

Yin and yang. Pleasure and pain.

The one who holds my heart in his hands.

The sweetest love that I’ve ever known.

But this chaser runner game is getting old.

My heart yearns for union so our soul can be one.

But first we must find our wholeness on our own.

We’re like a beautiful rose with prickly thorns.

A beauty to behold and impossible to ignore.

I love you then dislike you but our soul knows what it knows.

I grieve you the most when I’m alone and sad.

I love you even harder on the days that I’m mad.

It feels like I’m deserted on no man’s land.

I hate when we’re not speaking and I can’t see your face.

You’ve left imprints on my heart that cannot be erased.

I know in your heart you feel the same way.

We mirror each other more than you think.

Our soul knows and holds the key to the lock.

Whenever we’re together time seems to stop.

Doesn’t matter the year, day or the place.

These emotions we feel just won’t go away.

Soul contracts and reincarnation pave the way.

Once we’re happy, secure and whole on our own…. our soul will lead the way.

If you choose to stay on this path with me.

We’ll be one of the biggest power couples this worlds ever seen.

When you heal you… you heal me. When you feel you.. you feel me.

Connected by an invisible cord and lifetimes of memories.

You’re home to me, I’m home to you…. we’re family.

You’re the greatest love and challenge that I’ll ever meet.

You kissed my lips and awakened my soul.

Our energetic pull is hard to ignore.

One look in each other’s eyes and our fire ignites.

You were meant to be my partner, my mirror, my light.

You force me to face all of my fears.

Another soulmate won’t do…..he’ll never compare.

No one has ever moved me in the way that you do.

Head over heels… I’m hopelessly devoted to you.

From day one I knew and so did you.

Our soul tied and binded our hearts together.

With your strength and my wisdom we’ll weather any storm.

When we’re hot… we’re hot.

But when we’re cold…. we’re cold.

I wanna be your sunshine on your cloudy days.

I’m tryna warm your soul up like South Carolina sunrays.

I was sent to challenge your growth and to encourage you to heal your pain.

I’ve been having intense nostalgic thoughts of our better days.

I’m waiting on our reunion…. I miss you bae.


Your Twin Flame

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