Soul Tie Tales Pt.3

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Author: J’Lee

Sunshine’s Blues

I let him fill my ears with lies and my pussy with cum.. thinking he would be the one.

Sweet lies… open mind and ears closed to the truth.

I believed in us… so I believed in you.

Left feeling lonely… I was sad and blue.

Heart on cold… love on hold.

Some days I wish I never met you.

But if I hadn’t I would’ve never experienced the joy..

Or felt the pain of loving and losing you.

Crying and dying on the inside.

Mental conflict… heart full of pain.

So much laughter and joy mixed with so many sad days.

The many side effects of you.

Dumb Delilah… Simple Simon… my heart still beats for you.

Our souls tied the first time our bodies intertwined.

You’re the water element to this fixed fire sign.

Stimulated my mind way before between my inner thighs.

Time after time I tried to let you go.

But there you go telling me no.

We’re not through…. running back every time with those I love you’s.

Such a handsome liar…  set my soul on fire.

Baby you’re the truth!

But was any of it real?

Was it true?…. Did I ever meet the real you?

In a field full of daisy’s would I be the one you’d pick for you?

I’ve had visions of us as one and visions of our sons.

But is this love really enough?….

We go from on cloud nine… then fuss and fight.

I was trying to be your Sunshine on your darkest night.

But was it realistic? Was my visions true?

It’s hard to tell because Sunshine is blue.

Stuck in the maze of loving you.

Dick dazed, love drunk, mind fucked.

Our connection in the beginning gave me hope, eargasms and a new identity.

This feeling has to be real.

It has to be true.

I’m more than certain that I’m in love with you.

Is this all an illusion of my hopes and dreams?

Or was this me making the situation what I wanted it to be?

The many questions in my head.

I still hear your voice in my head…

Memories of you in my bed.

All of these fast false starts and quicker endings.

But I’m reminded that endings bring new beginnings.

I’m in a state of confusion most of the time.

You love me …. then your unsure.

You want me… but you want more.

Yet you can’t give me what I ask of you.

So I cut you loose because it was hurting me.

This love and pain was getting the best of me.

So for now this love and us is history.

But my mind and heart will forever hold the memories.

Part 4 Coming….. Stay tuned!!

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