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The Side Effects Of You

It was the spring of 2020.. the day that tall dark and handsome came in. He walked into my life and changed everything. Instant connection. The perfect combination of pleasure and pain. I wasn’t head over heels. I was hurt over heart. Love another man… ha I think not. I was initially standoffish when it

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Polyamorous? Marriage? I Do or I Don’t?

Do Men and Women Still Want or Value Marriage? I think we’ve been programmed to think that marriage is something we should all stride for. Since childhood we’ve been taught to get an education, get a good job, find someone…settle down and have kids. But I’ve realized and understand now more than ever that some

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Should You Settle For Just Sex When You Want A Commitment?

I watched an interesting interview over the weekend on the podcast Dear Future Wifey and it inspired this post. I’d like to start this post off by saying never settle for anything in life. If you know you’re worthy of so much. Be it a better job, a raise or a relationship. Anything that is

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