He Will….

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I don’t want for a man to desire my body.

I want him to devour and desire my soul.

Someone who’ll hold my heart captive and never let it go.

Someone even when angered by me they’d rarely let it show.

He thinks before he speaks because he knows the power of his words.

Someone whose interested in making love… instead of waging war.

He’ll crave my presence but won’t depend on it for him to feel whole.

Fuck a key to my heart he’ll have the cheat code to my soul.

The type to plan surprise picnics for us both.

He knows the importance of being spontaneous so things will never get old.

He likes to go for long walks and talk about our goals.

Plans for our future while watching our love blossom and grow.

Our love story is ready and waiting to be told.

Making love and memories regularly is all I want.

That slow, steady, consistent kind of love.

That no matter the distance we in this kinda love.

Our happiness will definitely always show.

The type of love that gives you that special glow.

I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right.

I’m just looking for a man willing to stay and fight.

For our love that is no matter how hard it get’s.

He would never put anyone before me and our kids.

He’ll be the one who complements me and feels so right.

The face that I live and love to see everyday and night.

When life get’s hazy and he cannot see.

He won’t go quiet or childishly run away from me.

He’ll always look within for answers because he’s all he needs.

He’s the solution to any problem.. he holds the key.

But I’m here to help him sort out what he cannot see.

He’s the alpha to our pack and there’s nothing he won’t do.

He’s a lover, and provider, that’s my rider.

I know I can always depend him and him on me.

We’re on that Bonnie and Clyde shit… that Jay & B.

There ain’t nobody coming in between him and me.

He’s the type to run into my arms.

After a long day of work or when shit get’s hard.

When he messes up he kisses it better….yes indeed.

He ain’t to proud to beg.

He love it and he damn sure need it.

When he say he loves me. I know it and I fucking feel it.

He’ll take all of my critiques and criticism because he knows that they come with love.

Jesus Christ will be the only one who could ever break our bond.

We’ll sit under the stars and moon at night.

In our own little world where things aren’t perfect but there right.

We’ll be busy building businesses and booking flights.

He’s the type of man I wanna give this pussy to every night.

He’ll show love, gratitude and appreciation through his actions and words.

I won’t have to compete with other women for his attention or love.

Because he makes it clear that I’m number ONE.

He’s intellectual but don’t get it twisted he ain’t scared to fight.

He’s passionate, nurturing, caring and very kind.

But in the bedroom he’s a fucking caveman that has a gentle side.

Our lovemaking is absolutely amazing…. it’s truly divine.

But on some real shit… sometimes I think this man only exists in my mind.

I guess it’s manifesting time.

Excuse my voice guys I’m a little hoarse. But I hope you enjoyed. Like, follow and share please xoxo.

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