Soul Ties Tales Pt.4

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Lots of profanity was used when writing, typing and recording this. You’ve been warned. I hope my mom doesn’t listen to this one lol enjoy.

Sunshine’s Time

Trembling, shaking, my hearts steady racing.

Getting dressed and humming sweet melodies.

Head full of thoughts of his dope ass loving.

Anticipating him all over me.

His love is equivalent to adrenaline.

The type of high that you get off a percocet.

The gift and the curse is what his loving is.

The kind that puts you straight to sleep.

His loving makes me feel so weak.

To everyone I’m Leesh Speaks.

But to him I’m just daddy’s freak.

A fiend for your tongue all over me.

Call me a fucking addict cause I gotta fucking have it.

Gripping the sheets, gripping his meat.

While his hands are steady gripping me.

Slow down daddy I’m wanna make this shit last.

A little while longer.. my legs on his shoulders.

All I hear is splicing and splashing…

The sound of his tongue working me.

Anticipating what his pipe is gonna do.

Visions of me and you fucking in a hot air balloon.

While his head game sends me to the fucking moon.

When he lays those gentle kisses on my inner thighs.

My body starts to slightly rise.

But when daddy looks me in my eyes.

I cream between my fucking thighs.

I’ve never felt a natural high until I met you.

Fucking like rabbits.

We’re both fucking addicts.

He won’t admit it, but shit he can’t stay away from me.

I’m alluring… my pussy’s enchanted so he finds his way back to where it’s good.

I make him cum back-to-back when he’s in it deep.

We’re both high off the chemistry and energy.

I love everything about him and me.

The sound of his heartbeat entices me.

Our bodies connect like a fucking magnet… pure electricity.

His sex is my power source and I fucking need it more.

I want him to come stay with me.

The heat between him and me… all this dampness on these sheets.

Screaming daddy please cum in me.

His body’s my playground and a beautiful masterpiece.

He has my heart and the got damn master key.

He loves to eat it from the back… no matter where we’re at.

Yass, daddy is a big-time freak and I play for keeps.

Turned my queen size bed into a freakin waterbed.

All these puddles up under me.

I love when he moans while he’s tasting me.

Those fucking moans really do somethin to me..

As well as the sound of my wetness pressed against his pelvis.

God damn this loving feels so good to me.

Underneath his body I’m at his mercy.

It’s the only time I claim defeat.

He’s digging me… he’s digging deep… my legs are now so fucking weak.

Daddy please don’t stop fucking me.

But he pulled out for just a second to taste my juicy nectar.

My pussy is his favorite treat.

He flipped me over and we play repeat.

That dick so good I almost asked him will you marry me?

Can’t get enough of him and I’m tired of hiding it…

My nut is pretty close and I’m tired of fighting it.

But I wanna start riding it.

Telepathically he got the message.

I got on top of him to do my business.

But I don’t know how to stop when I get going.

Grinding, bouncing and slow rollin.

Sometimes I feel like daddy’s personal slut.

And then boom he fills my pussy up..

Kisses me… grips and then smacks me on my hefty butt.

I’m just like sea biscuit while I’m on the dick.

Galloping, popping, bouncing, and dropping it.

I move swift and don’t stop until I fucking win.

I swear this man is my favorite sin.

I’m gonna call when I wanna play again.

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