Backseat Chronicle’s

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WARNING: Lot’s of profanity was used while writing and recording this lol. I can’t lie recording the audio for this poem was interesting and funny. This man has me stumbling over my words and panting a little lol. I hope everyone enjoys this one as much as you enjoyed my Soul Tie Series. Don’t forget to like, comment and follow me.

Yes… he said he’s on the way to get a taste of my love.

My heart is in his hands.

My head is full of thoughts of him gripping all this ass.

The many things I wanna do to this man.

But I’m tryna play it cool.

I take a little sip of my booze.

Thoughts dancing around in my head of the freaky shit we’re about to do.

Yeah, we probably should’ve got a room.

I’m vaping.. listening to music.

I’m in nervous energy while trying to set the mood.

He makes my heart skip a beat.

Easily he has the best sex… and the best D.

This man gives my vagina a freaking heartbeat.

We could be anywhere we wanna be but we’re here about to fuck in this backseat.

I could tell the way he parked his car that he was more than ready for me.

I just knew that dick was already super hard in his pants.

I’m patiently anticipating and waiting for him to plant those sensual kisses and bites on my ass.

The closer he gets the wetter I get.

There’s nobody that I’d rather be in this backseat with.

Your love is my new favorite drug.. I can’t get enough.

Sixty-nine ways to make your world boom.

Looking at him like I knew we should’ve got a room.

He’s one of the best lovers that I’ve had.

The kind of dick that makes your soul cry… tears of joy.

Passionate and hot and as beautiful as me in a 2-piece sitting on the beach on a hot summer day.

Sex that gives you that feeling that you’d have on your wedding day.

When he kisses me.. my pussy leaks.. my inner light beams.

And my fucking knees get so weak.

Whenever I’m in need he always gives me what I need.

This man’s dick is out of this world… he’s gotta be an extraterrestrial.

Ladies you know the kind that leaves you grinning like a little ass girl.

My ass is clapping, and his hands are steady grabbing at my waist.

My pussy is splashing. My breathing is rapid.

No man has ever given me this type of backseat action.

While he’s in it I just keep looking up at his handsome face.

Fill me up daddy but no not yet… just wait.

Take it out and let me sit on your face.

Anywhere, anytime… he’s knows that I’m down.

Climbed off his face and laid back as he slid in it again.

When he calls.. I run.

He goes harder and deeper…. and then I cum.

Pleasure principles he checks off all.

Outdo his sex? I think none.

Nobody compares to this damn man.

Talking to me while he’s in it.

Kissing me and looking me in my eyes continuously drives me wild.

The kind of sex that leaves you spinning.

Is it really this good or has it just been a minute?

No, it’s just that damn good.

Daddy has no limits.

To what he’ll do when it comes to pleasing you.

In that backseat with him but it feels like I’m on Jupiter, the moon or even Mars.

Praying that I don’t hear a cop pull up on our cars.

I put him in my mouth and caress his balls.

I’m playing with my pussy… now were both getting off.

My favorite thing to do is ride his dick until he gets lost…in my creamy white sauce.

The second thing would be that thing I do with my mouth and his balls.

I love seeing him try to hold back his nut.

That’s when I wanna roll over and throw this big ass butt.

I got him where I want him, and he can’t get e’ fucking nough.

My tight walls consistently squeeze him in.

My pussy is the finest establishment he’s ever been in.

But that dick takes me on trips all around the world.

Sex be having me telling him that I love, and fucking need him.

But the shit is true.

Be having me at work singing Beyonce Deja vu.

I don’t want a substitute daddy I only want you.

Fuck this backseat can we get a room tomorrow at noon?

Ya’ll stay tuned there may be a part 2.

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