Finding Leesh Part 3.

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I came outta the darkness, released all the pain.

I’ll never let a trial, or a tribulation keep me derailed.

Purpose in my pain. Wisdom in my noggin.

If I don’t know anything I know there ain’t no stopping.

Me and what I’m destined to be.

Amazing mother, talented author, successful entrepreneur, and blogger.

I’m not stopping until I’m at the top of the mountain.

Thankful that my third eye is finally open.

My spiritual gifts are my superpower.

The times that I’m not grounded affects my moods.

Some days my energy is as infectious as the sun rays.

My anger can bring pain similar to stingrays.

But my heart is full of love and my words are full of power.

Magical being, reader and seer.

Call me the oracle because I always know.

Young beautiful face with a real old soul.

But sometimes I don’t feel whole or complete.

I still feel the need to be completely free.

From my thoughts and childhood memories.

They’ve been the captor, yet the maker of me.

I’ve loved and I’ve lost.

Lost my footing. Fell and got right back up again.

Life doesn’t get easier.

But I learned how to move, regroup, dodge, wobble and rebuild.

My faith is now bigger than my little bitty fears.

Remembering the days when I wish I wasn’t here.

Then God opened my heart, my eyes and my ears.

Put me on the path I was meant to live.

I’m going after everything spectators said and thought I’d never get.

The pretty lioness in this jungle called life.

That allows her trials and tribulations to push her potential out.

2023 I’m about to be a mother fuckin problem.

I’m going after success like goon or a goblin.

No longer letting trauma and pain drive me insane.

I’m about to swerving in and out of different lanes.

The ones that I didn’t think were possible.

You see I’m finally starting to believe in me again.

The story of Leesh never ends.

In 2023 it begins again.

Happy New Year!!!

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