Love Ballad

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Our love feels like skinny dipping in the month of June.

Similar to Adam and Eve taking a bite of the forbidden fruit.

It fills me up and lifts me up like a helium balloon.

Our orgasms rock me and send me to the moon.

I feel his rocket take off whenever he’s near me.

He sees the galaxy and feels the sea whenever he’s inside of me.

I laugh everytime he tells me that I make him weak.

My best kept secret.

I applaud his triumphs.. I feel his grief.

I see his vision and I listen to his dreams.

Watching him realize what real and true love is.. has meant everything to me.

My favorite moment thus far.. is the two of us slow dancing to one of our favorite songs.

The joy I’ve gotten from reopening my heart.

The excitement I get from opening the front door.

To his face, his smile, his big energy.

Makes me realize his love belongs to me and only me.

There’s no denying it. I see and feel it every time our eyes meet.

It’s like electricity runs through my entire body every time he kisses me.

He’s says I’m in his heart, on his mind, and in his thoughts constantly.

My favorite sound when he’s around is his heartbeat.

Everyone wants him.. but he only wants me.

These other girls can hang it up.

It’s okay to claim defeat.

Good luck taking this man and his heart away from me.

I’m home to him and his heart belongs to and is safe with me.

I’m in love with him and he’s in love with Leesh.

We share that once in a lifetime love you see.

He’s like, honey, and I’m like a damn bee.

Call me the oracle because I see and know that it was in the cards for us to meet.

He’s my twin flame.. the other half of my soul.. he’s everything to me.

Below is the song that inspired this poem. It definitely explains how I feel about him.. and us.

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