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Could The Reason You’re Still Single Be Because You’re To Masculine? Since we were little girls we were taught to cross our legs, use proper ediquette, wear dresses and to be lady like. Many of us imitated what we saw our moms and grandmothers do. I was that little girl that had to wear dresses…

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Relationships: Building While Broken

Is it really possible to build with someone while you’re broken? Let’s talk about it! How many of you have been in a new relationship but still broken from a previous one? I’ll admit it…. I’m definitely guilty of this! Trying to love someone when you’re not whole almost always doesn’t work. Not to mention

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Six Reasons You Were Ghosted & How To Get Over It. First things first… What is Ghosting? Ghosting is when someone cuts off all lines of communication without any explanation. This is something that both men and women experience. Once you’ve grown fond of someone and this occurs. It can be very upsetting and disappointing.

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