Author: LeeshSpeaks

It’s Never A Good Idea To Go From Friends To Lovers

I’m sure we’ve all either heard or learned from previous experience that going from friends to lovers is not always wise. I wouldn’t suggest it just based off the couple times that I did it. Enter at your own risk. It could grow into something beautiful and loving or a beautiful nightmare. It really depends

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Knowing Your Worth

He didn’t choose me… and I didn’t chase him. Nothing hurts more than feeling rejected or led on. I remember the goofy shit I would do when I was younger. Like blow someone’s phone up. Send a bunch of text messages or stalk their myspace page. Hell I would even get my girlfriends phones to

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The Importance of Knowing You and Your Partners Love Language.

Ever since Gary Chapman came out with his book The 5 love languages: The secret to love that lasts. It’s been showing up every where and many of us have been curious about this topic. It’s definietly an eye opener and a relationship saver. Most of us learned the love language our parents displayed when

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