Beautiful… The Ugly Truth

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Smiles hide your pretty lies.

Pride hides your scars.

Beautiful eyes full of beautiful lies.

Who would even know?

That there’s hidden beauty and magic that lies within your soul.

Beautiful seductress who uses sexuality to get her way.

Beautiful lonely girl when it’s over and they choose not to stay.

Beautiful broken girl who gets nothing in the end.

Try picking up a mirror and holding it to your face.

Stare at your inner and outter beauty.

Then open your heart space.

Forget about the things they said and did that made you view yourself this way.

You’re a diamond, ruby, emerald… a pearl.

All of the jewels that all women love.

You’re intelligent, ambitious, charismatic… a beautiful sight to see.

Many of the things most women wish to be.

But life and love has blurred your vision.

Your head and heart filled with indecision.

You don’t even realize the power you wield.

Beautiful girl I know how you feel.

They’re captivated by your beauty but are overlooking the beauty within.

But now is the time to step into your power.

Don’t wait another second, minute or hour.

Give yourself the love that you’ve been seeking.

Do it because you’re worth it and you believe it.

The moment you work on you…. love will come.

God will shine his light on your soul.

Giving you hope…. making you grow.

Lead the pack and stand in your truth.

Hold you….. mold you… you know what to do.

There’s no greater love than the love you can give you.

This poem was written to inspire and promote self love and self esteem. Don’t dim your light, lower your standards or doubt the beauty that is within.

While you’re questioning your worth and power. There are women who are admiring all that you are. Remember you’re an inspiration and motivation for women and little girls.

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