Twin Flames:Queen & Him.

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Photo by Lukas on

Author: J’Lee

This love is more than I could ever ask for and when we collide it’s a beautiful disaster.

One look in your eyes sends waves of passion between my thighs.

Instantaneously chills flow up and down my spine.

I remember praying for your return and now that you’re home….

I need you to know baby I’m never letting go.

This twin flame journey is not for a feeble heart.

We’ve had so many starts and stops and off’s and ons.

Time passed and we gave each other space.

But we’ve reconciled and since then Mondays have become my favorite day.

Full of so much promise and opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Can I be this lucky? Has God favored me?

Has he given me the honor of you loving me?

I believe he handpicked me for you and you for me.

A love so strong and pure built to last eternity.

You’re strong like Samson but I’m no Delilah.

I’d never betray your trust… I promise too always be honest.

I’m dedicated to you and only you, my love.

What we’ve found in one another exceeds any other love I’ve ever met.

It’s as rare as the blue heart of the ocean diamond from the titanic.

Beautiful, mystical, intense… unusual and rare.

All because of you I’ve released my fears.

I let you go, and you came back stronger than ever.

Ready for me… ready for our love and nothing feels better.

Like the fall breeze this love feels so damn good to me.

I’ve got love all over me and I can’t get it off and I can’t get enough.

I knew from our first kiss that you we’re the one.

You’re my heart, the other half of my soul… do you feel that intense energetic pull?

Our memories never leave… even when you do.

I find love and strength every day and it’s partially because of you.

The future awaits us, and the past is in our rearview.

Baby there’s no looking back.

You know that I’m not counterfeit, and I’ll always have your back.

I’ll add value to your life… I’m the best investment.

Forever in your big strong arms is where I’ll rest at.

Baby the peace I feel with you is hard for me to explain.

With you by my side I’ll never fear rain.

The immense amount of emotional and physical pleasure we share is out of this world.

I’m ready to be the best mom to our little girls.

Ready to build a dynasty with you.

Generational wealth… my plans are set with you and only you.

They say when you know you know and baby that’s true.

I know that my life is meant to be spent with you.

It was all a part of the divine’s plan to shift the frequency on this planet.

No one can come between anything that we’re planning.

We understood the assignment before we got reincarnated.

I’m so glad God gifted me, and you so much patience and we waited.

Paid off our karmic debt and learned our lessons.

Soon and very soon he’ll shower us with blessings.

I love you.

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