Author: LeeshSpeaks

Love Vs. Toxic Attachments

Honestly, the first step in knowing what real love is. Begins with asking yourself are you giving yourself the type of love you’d like to receive? Because no one will ever love and accept you. If you aren’t loving and accepting yourself. I’ve had my personal struggles with self esteem and self acceptance in the

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Happy One Year Blogiversary To Me!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog. It took an enormous amount of strength and courage to embark on this new endeavor. Just being able to share my thoughts, fears, and experiences to help, heal and encourage others has been extremely fulfilling spiritually and emotionally. I couldn’t be prouder of

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Polyamorous? Marriage? I Do or I Don’t?

Do Men and Women Still Want or Value Marriage? I think we’ve been programmed to think that marriage is something we should all stride for. Since childhood we’ve been taught to get an education, get a good job, find someone…settle down and have kids. But I’ve realized and understand now more than ever that some

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