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Could The Reason You’re Still Single Be Because You’re To Masculine? Since we were little girls we were taught to cross our legs, use proper ediquette, wear dresses and to be lady like. Many of us imitated what we saw our moms and grandmothers do. I was that little girl that had to wear dresses…

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It’s Never A Good Idea To Go From Friends To Lovers

I’m sure we’ve all either heard or learned from previous experience that going from friends to lovers is not always wise. I wouldn’t suggest it just based off the couple times that I did it. Enter at your own risk. It could grow into something beautiful and loving or a beautiful nightmare. It really depends

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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade Many of you that have followed my blog from the very beginning. Have noticed that I speak a lot about relationships and dating. Mainly, because most of my life lessons have been learned through my relationships with others. That’s the way God saw it fit to teach us how to love,

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