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Girl Talk Pt. 2

The Effects Low Self Esteem Can Have On A Relationship Having a partner that suffers from low self esteem can cause major issues in a relationship. Ladies have you ever dated or been in a relationship with a man that was possessive, jealous or insecure? I’ve experienced this in the past and quite a few

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Relationships: Building While Broken

Is it really possible to build with someone while you’re broken? Let’s talk about it! How many of you have been in a new relationship but still broken from a previous one? I’ll admit it…. I’m definitely guilty of this! Trying to love someone when you’re not whole almost always doesn’t work. Not to mention

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Signs You’ve Formed A Soul Tie and How To Break It. If by any chance you’ve been living under a rock and dont know what a soul tie is. I’m here to help! But if you already know what a soul tie is and are struggling to break one. I can help with that too!

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